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Have you ever experienced the need to perform tree removal? In Birmingham, AL, during the sweltering heat of summer, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as finding refuge. Like under a majestic tree with abundant branches and leaves. Trees offer a cool shelter from the scorching sun, making them a wonderful blessing to have on your property or in your yard. They provide joy for children with tree swings. They give ample shade for your yard. Not to mention, opportunities to hang a hammock if multiple trees are present. Moreover, they create a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife, making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

However, there are occasions when the need for tree removal arises due to various reasons. Perhaps a tree has fallen ill and is dying. Maybe a large and overpowering tree is hindering the growth of grass by blocking sunlight from reaching the young grass seeds. Additionally, if you have an ongoing construction project, the tree’s root system might interfere with the foundation or other aspects of the construction. Whatever the cause, there are times when tree removal becomes necessary.

Removing a tree from your property is a complex task. It demands the expertise and specialized equipment of a professional tree service company to ensure efficiency and safety. It is not a matter of simply chopping the tree at its base and shouting “Timber!” The process requires time, skill, and practice to be done correctly. Hence, it is crucial to engage the services of a reputable local tree service team in Birmingham, AL. You can trust our experienced tree service company, Alabama Tree Pros.


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Tree removal is one of the most common tree service requests we receive at Alabama Tree Pros. There are many reasons that may require tree removal. Even with thorough tree care and regular maintenance on your property to ensure the health and safety of your vegetation, the need for tree removal will sometimes arise.  It could be due to the impact of major thunderstorms, or various other factors such as sickness or deterioration due to damage. It’s essential to hire a professional tree service company that knows how to remove trees carefully. Ensuring no harm to other areas of your lawn, landscaping, or property is always a priority.

Our tree service team possesses the experience, skills, and specialized equipment required to swiftly and safely remove unwanted or dead trees from your property. We take pride in not merely chopping down the tree and leaving the mess for you to clean up. Instead, our tree service team carefully trims the tree’s branches one-by-one, starting from the top and working our way down. The trimmed branches are then lowered to the ground and cut into manageable pieces by another member of our team. Once all the branches have been removed, our tree service team can proceed with removing the trunk of the tree.

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At Alabama Tree Pros in the Central Alabama area, we are dedicated to providing our residential and commercial customers the best possible tree removal service. We serve clients in the greater Birmingham area with prompt and professional service. Our tree service team is local and well-versed in the native trees of the state.

Contact us for more information on our tree service options (tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal or grinding, or emergency response services). We are happy to give you details and provide you with free estimates on price for any residential or commercial tree service you need.

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When a disaster hits your property or yard and causes serious damage that involves trees, you need the 24/7 emergency response team available at Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL. Our tree service team knows that you will have plenty of issues to worry about during this time, and our goal is to help you overcome these challenges with expert tree services to help you eliminate the fallen trees at your home.

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