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Happy to Serve Birmingham, AL, and the Surrounding Areas for 20+ Years!

Alabama Tree Pros: Your local tree care provider that serve the community for over 20 years. 

Ancient native tree species in the Birmingham, AL region have flourished for over a century, harking back to a forest from millennia ago. Preserving these trees is pivotal as they embody Birmingham‘s culture, akin to its historic architecture.

As Birmingham flourishes, we encounter challenges like new developments and natural disasters that threaten our cherished trees. Thus, our expert tree care services stand ready to safeguard the local tree population, fostering a green legacy for generations.

Venturing into Gardendale, AL, the allure of properties often hinges on the well-being of their bushes, plants, and trees. Trusting an experienced Gardendale tree service company like Alabama Tree Pros becomes paramount to maintaining the beauty of your property and landscaping elements.

In Trussville, AL, nature enthusiasts have an abundance of enthralling options, from hiking at Cosby Lake Park to exploring the Southern Museum of Flight. Ensuring the splendor of their properties, residents and businesses alike can depend on our precision tree service at Alabama Tree Pros.

Your Mountain Brook, AL landscaping also demands meticulous upkeep to ensure the health and longevity of your trees and plant life. Entrust your tree service needs to Alabama Tree Pros’ seasoned professionals that serve residents and business owners in Alabama.

Expanding Our Reach: Areas We Serve

Our devoted team of experts remains steadfast in delivering top-notch tree care, preserving the beauty and vitality of your property. With years of industry knowledge, Alabama Tree Pros is a trusted name in Alabama.

Our specialized tree care services extend to the following areas:

  • Birmingham
  • Trussville
  • Gardendale
  • Mountain Brook

Together, let’s nurture Alabama’s natural wonders, forging a greener and more vibrant future for our urban environment. Contact us today to embark on this journey of safeguarding Alabama’s tree heritage with unparalleled care. Your trees merit only the finest, and we’re here to serve.

When you need your property to look its best, only trust the tree service professionals at Alabama Tree Pros. We're here to serve you!


We are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. Our team strives to exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.


We maintain a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to their work. Our team adheres to industry standards and best practices in tree care.


We focus on delivering high-quality tree care services. Our team utilizes the latest equipment, techniques, and industry knowledge to ensure that our work is performed to the highest standards.

Your Trust Local Tree Service Provider

Experience the difference with Alabama Tree Pros, your reliable local tree care experts that serve Birmingham and nearby areas. With over two decades of experience, our seasoned professionals are committed to preserving your trees and landscapes’ beauty and health. Our specialized services, from precise trimming and pruning to safe tree removal, cater to your unique needs. As a locally owned business, we value our community and strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction. With safety as our priority, our certified professionals utilize cutting-edge equipment and proven techniques for exceptional results. Embrace a greener future with well-maintained trees, as we promote sustainable tree care practices for lasting well-being. Trust us to transform your outdoor spaces into a stunning, safe, and sustainable oasis. Contact Alabama Tree Pros today for a consultation and experience tree care at its finest.

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